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Wondering Sound reviews Michael Dease “Relentless”…

Michael Dease - Relentless cover


Michael Dease, Relentless: Solid big band release from trombonist Dease, who can always be relied upon for some tasteful, straight-ahead jazz, whether it’s a small combo or a large crowd on the bandstand. For this recording, he brings an entourage numbering the twenties, which is comprised of some heavy hitters on the scene, including bassist Linda Oh, trumpeter Seneca Black, alto saxophonists Todd Bashoe & Diego Rivera, and drummer Ulysses Owens Jr. A big sound that hits with some force, but stays light enough to swing. A few tracks express some mainstream tendencies, but it’s faint enough that the cohesion of the album’s sound doesn’t threaten to crack. Released on Posi-Tone Records, which is pretty consistent with its big band offerings.