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StepTempest covers Doug Webb “Triple Play”….



The new CD from tenor saxophonist Doug Webb, “Tripl3 Play” (Posi-Tone Records, is a treat from the handsome opening notes to the hair-raising riffs that bring the program to a close.  In between, Webb and fellow tenor men Walt Weiskopf and Joel Frahm swing, bluster and carouse their way through a set that literally roars out of the speakers. A good portion of the excitement can be attributed to how the trio interact and push each other into a fiendish yet friendly competition.  Also, one must give a lot of credit to the rhythm section of Brian Charette (organ) and force-of-nature that is drummer Rudy Royston for how they make sure the fires are always stoked.

There’s nary a ballad to be found in the 60-minute run.  In fact, the music goes from swinging to burning and beyond.  Tunes such as “Avalon“, “Giant Steps” and the title track hit the ground running and never let up. There’s also a heady dollop of blues on tracks such as Randy Aldcroft’s “Your Place or Mine” and Lou Donaldson’s “Alligator Boogaloo.” Try to sit still listening to Lanny Morgan’s “Pail Blues” or Weiskopf’s “Three’s a Crowd” – impossible! Webb makes sure everybody gets heard therefore the solos are often short.  Yet, the results are not inconsequential. Sure, this is a “blowing session” yet there is great respect for the music, for the tradition and for keeping the listener satisfied.