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Step Tempest blogger Richard Kamins writes about Mike DiRubbo’s “Chronos” CD….

Chronos – Mike DiRubbo (Posi-Tone Records) – DiRubbo, a native of New Haven CT and graduate of the Jackie McLean Institute at the Hartt School/University of Hartford, is an alto saxophonist who understands “the burn”, the ability to take the music up a notch when called for. Throughout “Chronos”, his 6th CD as a leader, he finds ways to take this organ trio into overdrive without descending into chaos. “Rituals” features several “hot” solos but it is the saxophonist’s drive to the finish line that really excites the senses. Part of the credit goes to drummer Rudy Royston (Bill Frisell, Ron Miles) who, when called for, really drives the music. Organist Brian Charette (Lou Donaldson, Cyndi Lauper) is the perfect foil for DiRubbo, his active feet providing bass lines that “swing” and “pulsate” while his coloring beneath the solos is always “right.” His solos are concise and quite musical. He contributes 2 of the 9 original pieces including the pretty ballad “Excellent Taste” and “More Physical”, the lilting yet up-tempo piece that closes the program with varying waves of intensity. The give-and-take of the sax and organ, along with Royston’s subtle then active percussion, has a powerful feel. The leader’s solos seem to leap out of the speakers, with an intensity, at times, that borders on ferocious. He, also, utilizes overdubbing on the title track, a smart arrangement of the sound.
Mike DiRubbo may not forge new ground with “Chronos” but makes the organ trio format sound fresh and vital. By making Charette and Royston equal partners in the creative process, the music is alive with possibilities. For more information, go to
Here’s the opening track to whet your appetite (courtery of Posi-Tone Records and IODA Promonet):

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