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SomethingElseReviews! on Jared Gold “Intuition”….

One of the great things about jazz is that some jazz musicians can just get together in a studio and knock out tunes and resulting record can be just as enjoyable as a carefully constructed, meticulously planned affair…

A stalwart at the quality mainstream jazz label Posi-Tone Records, Gold has consistently encapsulated what is so great about the Posi-Tone catalog: he’s well-schooled in tradition, brings vigor and his own voice to the music, and he swings like the dickens. That’s why we’re here talking about his sixth record overall and the forth one in a row covered on this space….

A straight-up first-rate blowing session with plenty enough wrinkles in it to ward off that sameness feel, Intuition is another productive day at the office for Jared Gold.