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SomethingElse reviews the new Steve Davis CD…

Former Jazz Messenger Steve Davis might not have the name recognition of his Blakey forbear Curtis Fuller, but he’s no less a talented trombone player. We last examined his handiwork on Images: The Hartford Suite from a couple of years ago and now he’s set to release his second album since then, Gettin’ It Done. It’s another set of suave but poppin’ organic soul jazz. Davis again brings in Mike DiRubbo as his sax foil, but this time has Josh Bruneau on trumpet, Larry Willis on piano, Billy Williams on drums, and the ever-steady Nat Reeves on bass.

A very sharp set of performances, Davis and his crew produce enjoyable coves of John Coltrane’s “Village Blues” and Bobby Hebb’s “Sunny” (YouTube above), both recognizable but also fresh renditions. The rest of the fare are Davis’ own tunes, a great mixture of toe-tappin shuffles (“Steppin’ Easy”), hot blues (“Gettin’ It Done) and smooth, melancholy ballads (“Alike”). Like Images, Gettin’ It Done is another flawless exhibition of triple horn, 60′s style jazz.