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SomethingElse Reviews the new Jared Gold CD…

Sometimes, both quality and quantity is possible: Hammond B3 commander Jared Gold has been punctually making a record a year since 2008. It has become a ritual to break ‘em down here every year since 2010, and get delighted with the results each time.

2014′s entry is called JG 3+3, and as the title indicates, this is an expansion of the usual organ/guitar/drums structure; the “+3″ is a three horn augmentation of the trio. The base three is already strong with Sylvia Cuenca (drums) and Gold’s sometimes-boss Dave Stryker on guitar. Patrick Cornelius (alto sax), Jason Marshall (baritone sax) and Tatum Greenblatt (trumpet) bring the wind.

How those three extra voices are used define how this Jared Gold disc distinguishes itself from his six other albums, because his (and Stryker’s) monstrous chops are sure bets. Those horns are used to deepen the harmony for the first two songs, the slinky “Pendulum” and the tough funk of “Spirits.” But starting with Cannonball Adderley’s gospel soul “Sermonette,” they’re taking on upfront roles; Marshall leads for much of the way here. Cornelius chases down rapid scales on the bop number “No Moon At All,” and he also grabs a spotlight on Gold’s quick tempo tune “Fantified” as well.

Greenblatt lends nifty trumpet lines to a swinging take on Michael Jackson’s ballad “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.” Marshall and Stryker unify for the thematic lines that outline Wayne Shorter’s underrated blues number “Charcoal Blues,” and Marshall later delivers a solo dripping with soul.

The one track where the horns lay out, James Taylor’s “Shower The People,” is also the one track that could easy gonon Stryker’s brand new killer oldies cover record, Eight Track, where Gold guilefully re-harmonizes the harmony and then stretches out along with Stryker.

A model of consistency, Jared Gold is also keen enough to offer something a little different with each release. ForJG 3+3, on sale April 1, 2014 by Posi-Tone Records, he offers twice the fun.