Libations & Meditations
Libations and Meditations (PR8131)

Released: January 6, 2015

Pianist Art Hirahara strikes back with unstoppable melodic sensibility and a wide palette of styles and sounds on his latest release Libations and Meditations. Joining Hirahara on this piano trio date are bassist Linda Oh and drummer John Davis, both of whom contribute exciting ideas and add a solid foundation to the session. With an exciting program of new original compositions, Libations and Meditations is a work of gentle contemplation and passionate reverence by a musical artist seeking to explore the profound depths of our collective emotions, while ultimately remaining true to himself. Whether one is already familiar with the music of Art Hirahara or discovering him for the first time, his latest effort is certain to bring smiles and bright moments to jazz fans and serious listeners everywhere.


Artists on this album:

  • John Davis
  • Art HiraharaPosi-tone logo
  • Linda Oh

30-second samples of this album’s tracks:

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