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More coverage for “The Whisperer” by Ben Wolfe

Jazz Bassist/Composer Ben Wolfe Leads Quintet on “The Whisperer”

Ben Wolfe: The WhispererDouble bassist Ben Wolfe has worked alongside some of the jazz world’s biggest names, including Wynton Marsalis and Diana Krall. And as he’s done so, he has also forged his own impressive path as a player, composer and bandleader.

His latest recorded effort sees him heading up a quartet on The Whisperer. The record features him, Orrin Evans on piano, Donald Edwards on drums and Stacy Dillard on saxophone. The album has netted positive reviews, including two on All About Jazz. Wolfe composed 11 of the 12 songs on the album. Reviewer Bruce Lindsay lauds Wolfe’s work in his piece and even plays on the record’s hushed title, noting that The Whispererdeserves to have its appearance shouted from the rooftops: a fine recording.”

The Whisperer is available on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

The Whisperer Track List:

  1. Heroist
  2. Hat in Hand
  3. Community
  4. Love Is Near
  5. S.T.F.U.
  6. Camelot’s Lean
  7. Chronos
  8. All the Things You Are
  9. The Whisperer
  10. Becoming Brothers
  11. The Balcony
  12. If Only