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Interview with Brian Charette…

Where did it all start for you? Has it always been your dream to be a musician?

I had a piano in my house I would walk down to it at around 3yrs old and would play it all day.

Do you still remember the very first record you ever bought?

AC/DC For Those About to Rock

How did your parents react, the first time you said, you wanted to be a musician?

Didn’t go over well.


Name something you’re bad at, but just love to do.


You were the winner of Downbeat Critic’s poll “Rising Star” last year. Was it a big change for you?

Sure. It’s a big Validation of your art to win something. Especially from such a respected publication.

You are hooked on Prague, and resides there half of the time. Did you find the American Dream in Europe?

Do you mean hot girls? Yes.


If you could be any animal to roam the earth, what would you be?

A Human.

What’s the favorite part of your daily routine?


Tell us about your book?

I give away all my secrets and then tell you not to practice.


If you could perform with anyone in the world, or even bring someone back to life, who would you chose?

John Lennon.

Your favorite thing to do when you’re bored?

I’m never bored.

What can we expect from you in 2015?

My new record Alphabet City and lots more great study materials.


What’s the top 3 of your bucketlist (10 things to do before i die) ?

See the Pyramids / Smoke a Cuban cigar in Cuba / learn to play Tabla in India.