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D4M goes “Boom!” for David Gibson….



I’ve just heard David Gibson and his trombone on his latest effort “Boom!” and it’s been a lot to take in. He and four other extremely talented musicians have made a memorable jazz album for the modern jazz enthusiast, but whether or not its magic holds up against the upcoming albums of this year depends on much more than your first impression. Let me introduce you to your first impression, the only publicly available single, The High Road. It’s a quick bebop-y single with erratic displays of talent from all of the quintet, especially the trombone. The piano will ease you in but the pace is quick to escalate and drag you along with it. The beauty is in how subtle the transitions are. Beautiful progressions and shared spotlights make this a very fluid single. You can’t feel an ego, and you can barely taste the chemistry because they’re all so well tuned into each other. My only problem is how completely different The High Road is to the rest of the album. In that case its name makes a lot of sense, because everything else takes a much lower, slower, and smoother route. The only other song that livens up as much as today’s feature is probably The Cup Bearers. If you’re enjoying The High Road, be sure to check that other one out somehow. Otherwise, expect slower tempo with equally erratic melodies on the rest of Boom!. 

Very strong, sound bass lines, together with David’s zig-zagging trombone, make the brunt of the effort. The keys are top quality, the percussion is versatile, and the accompanying trumpet will add intricate details one rarely encounters on such an album. It’s a real shame more of the release can’t be admired without committing to it entirely. Despite this, I recommend it. If jazz brass is usually to your liking, I’m sure this effort will fit snug with your collection. Expect no one to step across overpowered lines except for David, occasionally, as he strengthens his presence. It’s all ends quite beautifully, really.