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Culture Jazz (France) reveals the Power of “Message In Motion”

mindset2Jazz full frame. It is right on target with this strong team of aggressive and inventive musicians able to revive the colors of the modern swing. After Outside The Line (Posi-Tone, 2014), bassist Peter Brendler maintains the same quartet without harmonic instrument to propose a music with clear lines: two soloists and a rhythm section. Classic you might say, of course, but with a few blowers duo Peter Evans, stunning trumpet and Rich Perry on tenor saxophone we enjoy meeting here to recall happy memories of the discographic label Steeplechase and especially with the big- band of Thad Jones and Mel Lewis once. With the valuable and effective support of drummer Vinnie Sperrazza, Peter Brendler blackmails his bass (intro … Easy Way Out) on flexible lines of music that defends a certain idea of brevity and simplicity in both original themes in loans to Duke Ellington and John Coltrane (Angelica), Alice Coltrane (Ptah the El Daoud) or Elliott Smith (Easy Way Out). And then there is the presence in almost alien in this context invited the guitarist Ben Monder that has shaken the quartet scheduling and planning the color harmonies of his always creative guitar playing. Recorded in a day so almost in live conditions in the studio as is usual with Posi-Tone, this disc gives a clear and accurate picture of what may be the jazz today: rooted in tradition but played with the freshness of the discoverers of the first days thanks to the fertile imagination instrumentalists.

Thierry Giard – Culture Jazz France