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Brent Black reviews the new Steve Davis CD “Gettin’ It Done”…

 The latest and most appropriately titled release from trombone wizard Steve Davis proves that both Davis and his label Posi-Tone are if nothing but consistent in releasing some of the finest in straight ahead jazz. Variety, texture and some out of sight cover art make Gettin’ It Done a most impressive release with producer Marc Free getting that classic Rudy Van Gelder sound down but with his own unique touch. This sextet swings hard and at times sounds dangerously close to a small orchestra of perhaps double the size. Davis is what I refer to as a stealth musician, widely respected but never getting as much attention as he may deserve – until now!
Kicking things off with more of a mid tempo number the classic John Coltrane “Village Blues” is a nice  adventure is shifting harmonics and the horn section which is rounded out with Josh Bruneau on trumpet and Mike DiRubbo are on point with every note. The syncopated pop of the title track “Getting It Done” is a hard charging blast. The one tune I thought that may be a musical landmine is the cover of “Sunny.” The arrangement of “Sunny” takes the adult contemporary radio standard and flips it to a deceptively subtle swing which is a stroke of genius. One of the best tunes on this spotless release. Toss in a gorgeous ballad such as “Alike” and you have that nice all most forgotten working band sound that allows each member to shine. No bumps in the road here.
Arguably the best recording of Steve Davis to date. The rhythm section is worked out with Billy Williams on drums, Nat Reeves on bass and Larry Willis on piano and these guys sound like they have worked together for twenty years. I have long maintained you need to learn a little about a record label when it comes to making a purchase and Posi-Tone is simply classic swing brought up to date with some of the finest talent on the scene and Steve Davis is a perfect example.
From rock star cover art to inventive covers and great originals this disc swings. Period.
An easy 5 stars.