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Brad Walseth reviews “Supersonic”….

Jared Gold – “Supersonic”
The B-3 is the thing here with very few frills. A primarily pretty traditional organ trio outing from Jared Gold, backed by guitarist Ed Cherry and drummer McClenty Hunter, “Supersonic” is an album with some solid playing and interesting song choices. John Sebastian’s TV theme “Welcome Back” opens and proves a surprisingly good tune in Gold’s hands. Having just come through the “Jersey Boys” experience, I already had “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” playing through my head, and this fine version (with Cherry taking the bluesy lead) set me back a few more weeks in trying to remove this catchy number from my internal loop. All three members are estimable players, with Gold an expert of all the nuances, swells, squawks and trills that the organ has to offer. On the Gold original “Times Are Hard on the Boulevard,” he stretches out a bit more into some savory modern funk, while the quirky (and somewhat obligatory) Beatles cover (“In My LIfe”) continues the fun. The manic “Battle of Tokorazawa” is a highlight, while I also throughly enjoyed the band’s take on the standard “Angel Eyes.” An entertaining recording from a promising young artist and one that fans of organ trios should enjoy.