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Bop-n-Jazz reviews Jared Gold “JG3+3″…

Posi-Tone Records would seem to have the market cornered on both saxophonists and organists with Jared Gold at the top of the list on the latter.
The organ trio format gets a kick in the ass with the addition of a three person horn section and Gold’s best compositions thus far. Joining Jared we have improvisational guitar wizard in Dave Stryker and rock steady Sylvia Cuenca on drums. Let’s get the negative stuff out of the way first, shall we? I don’t know that the covers of “Shower The People” and “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” make the transition to this format as well as perhaps intended. That being said, when you put together a band this tight then they could record the music of Sesame Street and it would swing!
Jared’s tunes “Pendulum” and “Fantified” showcase his exponential growth as a composer as his skills as an instrumentalist certainly go unchallenged. The other two covers of Ray Bryant’s “Cubano Chant” and Wayne Shorter’s “Charcoal Blues” smolder with intensity. This is passion on a shiny silver disc. The horn section of Patrick Cornelius, Jason Marshall and Tatum Greenblatt add a smoldering soul that elevates a release that one might consider “predictable” to a new level of swing. Jared Gold is a force in modern jazz and an organ player that continues to grow artistically. Nothing to grind on here, you like organ? You will love this!
Tracks: Pendulum; Spirits; Sermonette; Shower The People; No Moon At All; I Just Can’ Stop Loving You; Fantified; Cubano Chant; Charcoal Blues.
Personnel: Jared Gold: Organ; Dave Stryker: Guitar; Sylvia Cuenca: Drums; Patrick Cornelius: Alto Sax; Jason Marshall: Baritone Sax; Tatum Greenblatt: Trumpet.