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Bop ‘n Jazz on Ben Wolfe “The Whisperer”…

Ben Wolfe The Whisperer Posi-Tone 2015

Bassist Ben Wolfe is a master technician with an all star band and the end result, The Whisperer!
There are certain things one can count on in life and they are death, taxes and Posi-Tone Records releasing some of the finest straight ahead improvisational music. The Whisperer is Wolfe’s first  Posi-Tone release and a showcase for his compositional prowess. There is an amazing organic soul to this release that is part of the new sound of modern jazz. The band is composed of underrated saxophonist Stacy Dillard, the magnificent Orrin Evans on piano and the rhythmic beast that is Donald Edwards.
Only one cover and that being a stellar reharm of “All The Things You Are” along with 11 originals from Wolfe. Odd meters, shifting dynmmics, and straight ahead swing make tunes such as “Love Is Near” along with “The Balcony” and “If Only” sound as though they are standards in the on deck circle. The Whisperer is what happens when you capture lighting in a bottle!