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An international review for Ralph Bowen “Total Eclipse”…

Come from the distant mountains Canada, like most level players, he also got into this at an early age. At just 13 years already had his quartet in Toronto. As a teenager, he received a scholarship to study at the Canada Council For The Arts. He studied with drummer LaBarbera and Kieth Blackley. In addition, he performed and recorded with Canadian fusion group, “Manteca.” And in 1983 and 1984, was awarded two more scholarships to continue their studies at the Jazz Department at the University of Indiana, where he honed his skills in the Artist Diploma program under the tutelage of David Baker. In 1985, he and Cecil Taylor were elected “Jazz Main Men of the Year” by Canada’s Toronto Globe. Bowen also won an audition at the Blue Note, being co-leader in what is known in the contemporary jazz band Out of the Blue (OTB). He moved to New York and recorded four albums for Blue Note. After recording a series of albums for the Dutch label Criss Cross Jazz. And more recently, working for the Posi-Tone label.
In 1986, Bowen began to travel across five continents, acclaimed pianist Michel Camilo, who eventually recorded a few jobs for soundtracks and movies. In addition, between 1986 and 1991, Bowen completed three world tours with pianists Horace Silver and Jim Beard.
The swing set is the rhythmic feel of music pora interaction and chemistry between the musicians. Swing or groove, is manifested as a visceral response in which you feel like your hips and your feet move independently, outside of your own will.
Ralph Bowen, with his new album “Total Eclipse” calls into question any theory of voluntary movement of the feet and hips.
There are a lot of tenoristas with great ability to play notes and more notes. Bowen is a master of the technique to blow with the precision of a watchmaker, while drawing intense lyrical swing from the inside. But on this trip to the proximity to the public, accompanying four musicazos tightly coupled to the concept of Ralph. Jared Gold the organ, is the perfect visionary. Mike Moreno’s guitar adds texture and arrogance to the group, to become much more than a mere sideman. Rudy Royston is perhaps one of the batteries today that more understated work. If Royston is one of danger, which is responsible for the rhythm section. No bass or bass, but he stands firm with its battery casing.
While there is no doubt that Ralph Bowen may sound like a beast, perhaps the most fascinating aspect of “Total Eclipse” is its variety and texture. Looking on any page of the agenda of musicians with ECM sound, there is an ebb and flow, allowing the jazz version offer something new at every turn that gives the disc. Any release for jazzmans faint of heart, the perfect example of controlled sonic fury. A swing that may be hard, but honest and with a great sense of poetry. There is no swing jazz!

Artists: Ralph Bowen, sax | Jared Gold, organ | Mike Moreno, guitar | Rudy Royston on drums.

Topics: 1 “Total Eclipse”, 2 “Behind The Curtain”, 3 “Into the City”, 4 “The Dowsing Rod”, 5 “On Green”, 6 “Arrows Of The Light”, 7 “Exosphere”, 8 ” Hip Check “, 9” In My Dreams “.

Edit: Posi-Tone (2012)

By Arion Molina | May 12, 2012